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Wand Making Experience

Whittle and design  your own and from Blackthorn Or Holly.

Our wand and tool making experience really lets you become one with both or ancient and spiritual past.

Select your wood: Blackthorn is a warriors wood and common among people in Ireland. ​

Holly is a defensive wood, natures natural defence against nautre.

Design and carve: After directions from the wand maker you will carve your own wand to the shape you want it.

Decorate: Mark your wand in Ogham writing to define the type of wood that was used, the wand maker will be on hand to guide you to add more Ogham writing, symbols and runes to your wand. 

Finish your wand in a coating of wax or laquer. 

Sessions can be carried out offsite at different locations or arranged at The Beaghmore Stone Circles, The Shepherds Rest, Apparo Restaurant in Draperstown or OM Dark Sky Centre

Sessions can be added into an existing tour package and done at The Beaghmore Stone Circles.