Feel Physically & Mentally Safe To Get Back Outdoors

As we face the new normal of social distancing here in Northern Ireland and indeed across the world there will be protocols to follow when taking part in our experiences.

What we do have here in Northern Ireland though is lots of outdoor spaces and with our experiences there is no better place to emerge from lock-down to than the Sperrin Mountains.

Each experience will have its own bespoke set of rules and we ask that you follow them, you will be briefed on these rules before the experience begins. This is not just for a continued safe space but for a safe mental space so that you can fell physically and mentally safe while getting back outside again.

We will supply PPE to our staff, who also will carry sanitation equipment to wipe gates and other areas where there may be a small amount of shared contact.

If you wish you are free to wear any PPE you feel protects you best and makes you feel more comfortable outdoors.

Group sizes will be limited to begin with and inline with government guidelines.

Our experiences will be purposely short to begin with as access to toilets in businesses and public toilets are limited and in line with government guidelines.

#EmbraceAGiantSpirit #FIllYourHeartWithIreland

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