Fuil An 



Join us on a guided walk around of one of Ireland's oldest civilizations. This site has it all; a rare Horned Dual Court Tomb, Stone Circles, Cairn Kerb Stones, Wedge Tombs and cultivated Blackthorn Hedgerows.

While you embrace the site you will revel in the history of High Kings & Giants and how giants DNA still runs through the local population.


Experience Details

Slieve Gallion holds secrets that have almost been lost through the test of time, stories handed down through the generations and recorded in old annals are now being brought to life to tell the story of Ballybriest and its importance in Irish History & Culture.

A Guided Walk Through Ballybriest

The neolithic site at Ballybriest was almost lost due to industrial development. What remains shows a rich history of a very advance Stone-age civilization that persisted trough from 3000 BC to present day.

As you are guided around this site you will see stone circles, dual court wedge tombs, kerb stones of a long removed cairn and a Giant's Grave.

Learn of High Kings Colla and Their Role in Shaping Irish History.

The High Kings Colla played a very important role in Irish History, after seizing power though their rein was short. It spelled the beginning of the end for Ulster as a power house in Ireland in a series of events that led to the sacking of the ancient capital city of Emain Macha, now Navan Fort.

Discover a Giant Blood Line

Slieve Gallion was home to the 'Mór' Giants, Slieve Gallion itself was once known as Callanns Mountain.

The name Callann survived to this day with the local Gaelic Football Club being named  Callan Gaels in memory of the Giant.

These Giants are descendants from The Colla Kings. This line still exists today across the world but none more so than in Mid Ulster.

Ancient Life on The Breas of the Mountain

While you are here you will have stunning views of the Sperrins and the surrounding area. Once your guided tour is complete you are free to stay onsite and soak up the views or you can travel to several local sites to continue your journey on your own.


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Can I Bring My Dog Or Pet?

Yes, we are pet friendly and as long as you have your pet under control at all times and leave no trace.

Do I Need My Own Transportation

Yes, you will need your own transportation to travel to the site.

Does This experience Involve Walking

Yes, there will be a small amount of walking around the site, how ever this is low level and no special equipment is required.