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Join our giant convoy and get out to explore our beautiful countryside again. At each stop so learn the history of The Giants & Kings who lived and are buried on the Sperrin Mountains.


We are a country rich in myths and legends however these myths and legends had a beginning, someone told the story first.


We have seen Giant reptiles, birds, fish and mammals and once you finish this experience you too will believe like I do that we had Giant people. Join me and hear a story that has not been told in hundreds of years...

Ireland's ancient history for too long has been depicted as myth, Kings have been written out of history and Giants shown as myths, I will tell you the truth, it is up to you to believe it?

  • Learn About Mid Ulster's Giant Blood Line.

You too may descend from the blood line of Giants who in turn descended from the High Kings of Old Ireland. ​

  • Visit Giants Graves, Tombs and Stone Circles

From Carntogher to Slieve Gallion Mountain there are several Giants Graves and tombs.

You will visit wedge tombs,  stone circles and ancient standing stones which are amongst some of the oldest neolithic and megalithic monuments in Ireland.

These Stone monuments have stood for up to 5,000 years and were fitting burial places for Giant's and Kings.

Discover Where High Kings Of Ireland Are Buried

The Eastern Sperrin's tip of Slieve Gallion holds a majestic view across Northern Ireland, an ideal vantage point for any ruler.

High King Uais Colla and his brothers final resting place has been discovered in what was once one of the oldest developed civilizations in Ireland.

Immerse Yourself In Stunning Views

As you travel across Carntogher to Slieve Gallion you will witness stunning views of Northern Ireland.

At some points you will be able to see the eastern slopes of The Sperrin Mountains, Slemish Mountain, Lough Neagh, Belfast, The Mourne Mountains and a vast array of low lying cites and towns.

How Do You Measure Up To A Real Giant

The last record Giant in Mid Ulster was Charles Byrne who stood 8 Foot 4 Inches according to old accounts.

His bones still hang in the Hunterian Museum in London, waiting to be brought home and placed in the ground like the Giants of Mid Ulster before him.

Measure yourself against the silhouette of Charles Byrne at the end of the tour and ask yourself, are Giants real ???



Information & How To Book

Duration: 3 hours

Must be driven in your own car

Meet Up Point: An Carn Visitor Centre

Picnic Included

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Pricing; Includes access fees to all areas and Picnic

1 Car - 5 People: £200

1 Car - 4 People: £180

1 Car - 3 People: £160

1 Car - 2 People: £150


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Can I Bring My Dog Or Pet?

Yes, we are pet friendly and as long as you have your pet under control at all times and leave no trace.

Do I Need My Own Transportation

Yes, you will need your own transportation due to travel restrictions on coach hire. This experience allows you the opportunity to travel safely with your own group of family or friends as per social distancing  guidelines.

Does This experience Involve Walking

Yes, there will be a small amount of walking to gain access to the monuments, how ever this is low level and no special equipment is required.

Image by Daniel Peters

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